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Expand your Agile knowledge. Attend our events. We organise Agile trainings and free meetups.

  • Upcoming dates, 2 days from 09:00 to 16:30

    Scrum Master Certification Preparation

    This training will help you to become a Certified Scrum Master. It will also explain the Scrum process in detail and how Scrum principles could be implemented in practice.

    bTalks Agile, 6 Nikolay Haytov Str., Sofia
  • 11
    May 2020
    Upcoming dates, 2 days from 09:00 to 16:30

    Agile Product Owner

    The role of the Product owner requires a combination of knowledge and skills. Product owner must understand the market, consumers, business and, at the same time, be able to communicate effectively with the development team. This training will show you how it is possible to prioritize and succeed on a daily basis.

    bTalks Agile, 6 Nikolay Haytov Str., Sofia
  • 14
    May 2020
    14:30 - 18:00

    Workshop! Quick Intro to Agile and Scrum

    What is the relationship between Agile and Scrum? What is the structure of a sprint? What are the roles in Scrum? What are Scrum artifacts and how to manage them? What is the purpose of every Scrum meeting? Why is Scrum the most popular Agile framework? These are some of the questions you will get answered.

    bTalks Agile, 6 Nikolay Haytov Str., Sofia
  • Upcoming dates, 2 days from 9:00 to 16:30

    Agile Project Management

    How to run and successfully implement an Agile project. What the roles and responsibilities are in Agile environment. How to plan forward and keep a project on track. These are some of the topics we will discuss and put into practice during the Agile PM training.

    bTalks Agile, 6 Nikolay Haytov Str., Sofia
  • Upcoming date

    Practical workshop! Release planning

    Is it possible to make long-term realistic planning in Agile environment? Join us in this practical workshop, where you will learn useful techniques and tools to build transparency and predictability in your projects.

    bTalks Agile, 6 Nikolay Haytov Str., Sofia
  • Upcoming event

    Free event! Keeping stakeholders engaged in Agile projects

    The success of a project implemented in an Agile environment is based on continuous collaboration and communication between business and developers. Sometimes this is not so easy to be achieved. It is especially difficult when the client is not located with us. Welcome to our event to discuss tips and practices on how to engage the stakeholders!

    bTalks Agile, 6 Nikolay Haytov Str., Sofia

How to Choose Your Training Provider

Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don't want to.
-Richard Branson


We suggest several simple steps which could be of help:

  • Confirm your business goals
  • Look for a training partner who can help in defining gaps and needs for improvement to reach the goals
  • Agree on the level of training and participants (think about involving decision makers)
  • Do not focus only on fixed agendas and single trainings, just because you know the training institution
  • Find a provider who can engage with after-course support and further development
  • Check the quality and experience of the instructors. Proper credentials needed
  • Always seek out someone who really helps your employees learn and grow. How? Feedback from others are as important as certificates of the trainer.

We are here to help you in getting the right Agile training or coaching approach for you. Look at our Services.

Learning Center

We wanted to create a space to connect people who want to know more and to practice Agile. Every one of us has different experience, has made their own mistakes and learned different lessons. At our training center, we organise events for people practicing Agile where we could share our successes and failures and to exchange knowledge. Entrance is free for attendees and speakers. If you’d like to become a speaker and share your experience, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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